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  1. I am a current MS1 at UofT looking to provide low-cost application help for anyone that needs someone to look over their: OMSAS, ABS, Calgary Top 10 etc. Ideally I would love to do it free (I've helped out a few people on this forum for free already over the summer) but with med school starting up + me working part-time to help pay for med school, my schedule is super tight. Just looking to cover what I would make at my part-time job so I can find the time to help with apps. I know that a lot of professional med review companies charge insane prices and not everyone has friends to help r
  2. https://cumming.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/future-students/admissions/reference-statistics
  3. You can check them under "App Status" on the UCAN website now
  4. The CMA website said that it provides free membership for medical students. As an incoming 2024, is this something I have to register for myself, or does my medical school (Toronto) provide more information about this later on?
  5. For university awards (e.g. entrance scholarships, merit scholarships): the school/program will/should designate someone in administration to verify. My program identified an administrative assistant that we could use as a verifier. If you program/school does not designate someone, try emailing the awards department at your university or your faculty office (if you come from a smaller program). These awards usually show up on your transcript and are easy to verify for admin. For research awards: I won a few poster presentation awards and had trouble tracking down the conference organizers
  6. Result: Waitlist (bad) @7:54AM Stream: English wGPA: 3.98 CASPer: Prepped for 1-2 days prior to develop a framework. The actually test felt pretty okay. Received a McMaster interview with a 128 CARs ECs: Research, campus clubs and community volunteering (diverse and long-term) Interview: Really surprised with the outcome because this was my best interview and I (thought) I connected well with the panel. I guess you can never know! Year: 3rd year UG Will be accepting my Toronto offer, but posting for stats
  7. Declined my Mac offer for Toronto. Good luck everyone!
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