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  1. I am a current MS1 at UofT looking to provide low-cost application help for anyone that needs someone to look over their: OMSAS, ABS, Calgary Top 10 etc. Ideally I would love to do it free (I've helped out a few people on this forum for free already over the summer) but with med school starting up + me working part-time to help pay for med school, my schedule is super tight. Just looking to cover what I would make at my part-time job so I can find the time to help with apps. 

    I know that a lot of professional med review companies charge insane prices and not everyone has friends to help review their apps. I applied as a third year undergrad with a 516 (130/128/130/128) last year and got interview invites to Toronto, Mac and Ottawa. If interested, shoot me a message on PM101 and we can discuss what you need help with.

  2. For university awards (e.g. entrance scholarships, merit scholarships): the school/program will/should designate someone in administration to verify. My program identified an administrative assistant that we could use as a verifier. If you program/school does not designate someone, try emailing the awards department at your university or your faculty office (if you come from a smaller program). These awards usually show up on your transcript and are easy to verify for admin.

    For research awards: I won a few poster presentation awards and had trouble tracking down the conference organizers. In that case, I used the PI who I worked with on the project (who was also aware of the award).

    For leadership/community awards: Contact the community organization to request a verifier.

    Email well in-advance so you can confirm someone will be able to verify. I would strongly discourage against using yourself. 

  3. Result: Waitlist (bad) @7:54AM

    Stream: English

    wGPA: 3.98

    CASPer: Prepped for 1-2 days prior to develop a framework. The actually test felt pretty okay. Received a McMaster interview with a 128 CARs

    ECs: Research, campus clubs and community volunteering (diverse and long-term)

    Interview: Really surprised with the outcome because this was my best interview and I (thought) I connected well with the panel. I guess you can never know!

    Year:  3rd year UG

    Will be accepting my Toronto offer, but posting for stats

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