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  1. And Medicomage, I didn't quite get what you meant by people who didn't get an offer would get an interview next year. Do you mean that those who didn't get an offer for this year but were supposed to do the interview will receive invites for next year's entry, hence making it even more competitive for those applying for 2020 entry?
  2. Thank you both for your input. I was able to confirm with Mac that doing poorly on other sections would have no negative impact as they only factor in the CARS score for the admission process so this may be my only option unless I have some remaining time to study for the other sections. But yeah, the main downside seems to be that the MCAT would only be useful to Mac and wouldn't be able to use it in the future for other schools if I don't get in the first time. Also, as you pointed out, it's expensive so I would have to think it over on if it's worth it for me to apply now or sometime
  3. Hi there, I'm a 1st year Mechanical Engineering student although first year is just general. But, I do also hold a Bachelor of IT, Game Dev degree which I graduated from last April with a 3.81/4.3 GPA. I also didn't take biology in high school as I didn't express much interest towards it then until now but did take physics and chemistry. As a background, I felt that Game Dev was not for me early in my degree but as I was being pressured to finish it off and also not having the grade 12 chem prereq at the time, I forced myself to go through with it but still finished with highest distinct
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