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  1. so are we assuming that the reset responses button means WL or R? I am going to cry
  2. mcmaster nothing yet. anyone else in the same boat?
  3. does it say offer for you? I don't have anything does that mean R/WL?
  4. nothing for me yet... just a "reset responses" button
  5. How’s everyone feeling? Does everyone think they have a good chance at getting accepted? I for one keep flipping between panic and distraction
  6. do offer letters appear on omsas at midnight of the 11th? or does it just say Offer?
  7. but wouldn't R/WL/A be under "offer" and not "response"? the response one must be for people to accept their offers. ugh I'm reading too much into this
  8. Do you have a "response" column below that box?
  9. I have it too! but I don't know if it was there before or not. I wish I had a screenshot of it from earlier. does anyone NOT have the "response" column?
  10. I'm here wondering who I'm going to apologize to first when I don't get in
  11. my heart can't take another rejection. I'm scared it'll discourage me from ever trying again
  12. I don't think that's the button we're talking about. I don't think anyone has the reset button this year yet. I meant the red box that says "review and submit changes/responses". do you have it?
  13. I'm 99.99% sure everyone has the red box, but who doesn't love a little drama, eh??
  14. yeah same, I don't have the reset responses. just the red box
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