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  1. Wait this might be a super dumb question but let's just say they increase their admitted class size from 100 to 150 students this year, would it remain 150 students or more for the next couple of years cuz I honestly don't know when or if I'm even going to get in lol.
  2. Hey did you apply as OOP or IP because those rankings are scaring me since your GPA is absolutely stellar!
  3. Perfect! Thank you so much to everyone who answered, I really really appreciate it! I just have one more question, it doesn't matter who answers it, Vons post just reminded me of this question so I decided to quote him/her. So I know for this cycle, the prereq GPA is not going to used post-interview at all but what about the next few cycles? Is it possible that McGill might end up using prereq GPA for post-interview rankings again, in the next few cycles?
  4. Hey guys! So I know that McGill med will take the higher grade if you repeat a course but what about the other 3 French med schools, how do those med schools treat repeated courses? I'm a university student if that helps
  5. Hey guys! I recently got a 69% in organic chem I, which at my university is considered a C+. I was wondering if I would still have any chances for McGill med with a C+ on my transcript. I'll be applying through the QC university stream and I know it's a pretty competitive stream so I was wondering if I still had any chances or if I should perhaps repeat the course maybe? Thanks for helping me guys!
  6. Hey guys! Can someone please tell me what prerequisites I might be missing for all 4 med schools in Quebec (I will be applying as an in-province university student). I have completed: -1 full year of biology (first-year courses with labs) -1 full year of chemistry (first-year courses with labs) -1 full year of physics (first-year courses with labs) -1 full year of calculus (first-year courses with labs) -1 full year of organic chemistry (second-year courses, one with labs and one without labs)
  7. Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could clear this up for me please, I'm a bit confused by these numbers. Link 1) https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/prospective/our-statistics shows that for Fall 2020, there were 1035 QC university applicants out of which, 120 were admitted. It also showed that there were 870 QC Med P applicants out of which, 67 were admitted. However, link 2) https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/prospective/our-statistics/class-profiles shows that for Fall 2020, there were an unknown # of QC university applicants out of which, 202 (in total) and 189 (only Quebec
  8. Hey guys! So as the title says, is there any way we can maybe do a Master's degree while still being an undergrad student? I'm thinking of something like a BSc/MSc dual degree that could be completed either at university in Ontario or Quebec so if you guys know anything about this, please comment! Thank you so much in advance guys!
  9. Hey guys! I'm not sure if this question has already been posted on here but I was wondering if anyone maybe knew the answer to my question. So, as someone who has completed Grade 12 (since I'm from Ontario), will I be eligible to apply to McGill med in the 3rd year of my Bachelors degree? Most degrees here are completed in 4 years but let's just say that I can finish my degree in 3 years right, will I be able to apply in my 3rd year? McGill does say this on their website though "A 120 credit (4-year) or equivalent Bachelor's degree from a recognized, accredited institution, in any discipline"
  10. Hey there! What do you mean when you say honours? I'm currently doing my undergraduate degree in Ontario and the term we use for our 4 years bachelors degree is an honours degree so I was wondering is that what you meant? Or am I completely wrong lol
  11. Oh my god thank you so much, I wasn't able to find this information anywhere!
  12. Hey guys, I'm thinking of repeating a course since it's dragging down my GPA by quite a lot and so I wanted to know if McGill even accepts repeated grades, and if they do, do they a) only look at the first grade or only the repeated grade, b) use an average of both grades, does anyone know about this cuz i can't find any information regarding this on their website for some reason
  13. Hey guys, so as the title reads, what kind of research experience is McGill looking for when it comes to their MD/PhD program applicants?! I only have research experience as part of an ecology lab so would this even matter to them (since ecology isn't really related to medicine)?! Oh and also, does anyone know how we can gain research experience rn during covid cuz almost no one seems to be accepting students for research rn
  14. Hellooo guys! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how McGill med calculates your GPA like at my university, if you have anything between an 85-89%, it is a A and then if you have anything that is +90%, it is an A+ so I'm confused, will McGill use my university GPA's scale and convert every 85% to a 3.9 (which is how OMSAS calculates it) or will they use their own GPA scale and convert every 90% to a 4.0? Thank you soooo much in advance for helping guys
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