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  1. Yea I didn't see that it said last round of offers. I know someone who's still waiting to get off the waitlist too. Don't lose hope but also try to think of what would make your application better for next year since it'll open pretty soon here
  2. I saw that a UBC ID popped up on the bottom of the application status tab on the OAS but it seems pretty long for a student ID
  3. Just got an email "Congratulations on joining the Island Medical Program Class of 2024! You will be registered as a student at the University of Victoria. Prior to registration, UVic must confirm whether you have any previous affiliation with the institution, either as an applicant or a student. This will allow you to obtain a UVic ID card, apply for housing, receive health and dental coverage, access the library, etc. Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience, regardless of whether or not you have any previous affiliation with UVic."
  4. This should give you a ballpark of what to expect for their "package". You can just get the line of credit on its own. You shouldn't have to pay more than prime rate because the rate is based on your future income as a physician not your current income. Prime rate is floating 3-4%. Honestly all advisors are willingly giving out line of credits. Just call in/log in online to setup a phone appointment. I bank with RBC so I'm just sticking with them. With an unsecured line of credit you'll probably get 200k-250k. They'll ask for a ballpark budget sheet, tuition costs, future residency stipend. Th
  5. You can get the "MD student" line of credit going but the application won't go through until you get the letter of enrollment. In July, you should also be looking at government student loans. Better option to use up first (grants, interest free while in school) - if you didn't already consider.
  6. I looked at UBC MD Admissions Blog and it looks like they typically have 5 rounds of offers. How is that possible? Are people who get waitlisted end up just declining their offers? Why keep on the waitlist?
  7. Though everyone's experience is different (interview questions, interviewers, etc.), I found the interview was more of a conversation over coffee than a structured answer with lots of pauses for the interviewer to ask questions or probe your argument. I found that a lot of the interview questions related to real world issues. Sometimes I'd relate it to ethical problems. I read Ethics in Health Care: A Canadian Focus by Eike-Henner Kluge prior. It's an easy read and gives you a broad scope into biomedical ethics. You could try looking at some podcasts to expand your perspective. My
  8. Thanks @vancouverdude, I appreciate you saying that and congrats on your multiple interviews! It's my first year applying so I don't know if they take that into account. @cdnpd My overall for Ontario schools were 3.89/4. Last two academic years would be ~3.91? I was on co-op my last two actual years. First year taking the Caspr too so don't know how I did for McMaster, Ottawa, and McGill since they don't release your scores.
  9. Just wondering how many other people only have a shot at UBC? I applied to McMaster, Ottawa, Queen's, Toronto and McGill but didn't get an interview anywhere else. MCAT 517 - 132/127/130/128 (CPBS/CARS/BBFL/PSBB) GPA ~89% BSc Honours 2018 EC Lots of research (one 3rd author pub), volunteering in hospital, St John Ambulance, and various university clubs, BC Ambulance paramedic, campus tours/ university recruitment, TA. Except being a TA, all my other experiences are 2-4 years Awards NSERC USRA x2, lots of department awards, dean's list (top 10%)
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