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  1. I think taking the top 100 could have messed things up because according to their study, only 70-76% of the top 100 get an offer of admission, so they ended up taking 30 extra people. Then again, we have no idea because of COVID. Things could just be delayed. I’m still holding out for June, hoping that there’s still more seats. Anything’s possible till we get the class is full email.
  2. This was a great objective post under one of the topics in the McMaster threads. There's a couple of threads there as well that could help you out that talk about residency and the McMaster curriculum changes.
  3. Same and I feel so confused with the polls. Trying not to think too much about anything, but also want to give myself some kind of hope Wish things were more transparent. Don't know what to think. I'm open to PMs as well if you ever want to rant
  4. Yeah honestly, I'm so conflicted about this. I feel like there's literally no rejections for Mac rn or maybe just a very small amount? No idea. No numbers were really specified about how many are rejected, admitted, waitlisted. It's also the first day so I'm not trying to think too much about the polls or anything, only people really on the forums are the waitlist people. I think around 25 people posted with offers and around 30-35 waitlists, so could be 200 offers, 350 waitlists, or maybe 200 offers, 300 waitlists and 50 rejections? I have no idea. All we can do is wait and we might get a bet
  5. Result: Waitlist Timestamp: 8:17 cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 128 CASPer: Believe it went well because of my CARS. Year: 3rd year UG Geography: IP Button: Yes
  6. Haha, this is true It's up to the OMSAS gods now. The final stretch.
  7. That is difficult to answer because it requires a lot of assumptions. We can go a number of different ways to look at this too. These people with top top stats usually had interviews with Ottawa and OOP Manitoba. But we haven't really done any comparison to people with buttons with more average stats. How many of them applied to Ottawa? How many of them applied to Manitoba? Did they not get the Ottawa interview because of poor ABS or another reason? Things that would not be reflective of their Mac interview. There's also the comparison of applicant pool, where Mac has 5000 compared to Manitoba
  8. I think everyone lost the button. Two ways to think about it: a) The button meant people had offers and they just fixed the code for the button so that it would be accessible at midnight with a proper "if" statement. Possible it took longer to do so because they did not want to mess up with offers that were already loaded to OMSAS. b) Meaningless glitch and they only fixed it because people kept messaging about its relevance. I think this does go against what people said in the OMSAS live chats about how this has no indication about people having offers and that everyone should
  9. I think the button is a mistake, in the sense that it serves no purpose unless we have offers. Whether or not it is indicative of an offer, I have no idea The source code would not say anything as far as I'm aware. I personally believe that a button may be a good sign because it is something that affects only Mac interviewees but not all and the purpose of the button is related to an offer. Although, similarly to OMSAS showing offers at midnight, I would not say that if you do not have a button, you are rejected. Of course this is all speculation. We are only two days away from finding o
  10. From my understanding, this code is not actually where the button should have been. If you look at the highlighted portion, it's actually directly under the redbox. Also, if you look at the groups, the button appears in a different group (the small arrow to expand or minimize groups). Again, when something is labelled as class = errors, it does not necessarily mean it is an error. Classes are generally assigned for style purposes, i.e. everything with the same class will have the same style. I believe that this is for the red outline of the box, which is why it is under the class of errors, be
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