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  1. hey everyone, thank you so much for your input. i still have no idea what i'm going to do but i might try to weasel some more information out of western re: the waitlist and i'll still be contacting mac in the hopes they'll be able to extend my deadline. fingers crossed i guess
  2. unfortunately we've been apart for 5 years already. for us it's not so much about "making it work" as much as the fact that we are on the older side and would want to be thinking about marriage and children in the near future i'm not planning to risk non-acceptance at the moment, just wondering the chances that mac will be flexible & extend my offer deadline
  3. thank you yeah, i've read that western doesn't move until the 26th (on the other hand, mac does)
  4. i was very fortunate to have received an offer at mcmaster but i was high waitlisted at western which is where my long term partner will be for the next 6 years. i have to accept the mac offer by may 26th, and western waitlist will not move until after the 26th passes. i'm wondering if there is any possibility that mcmaster will be flexible in extending the deadline to accept my offer under these extenuating circumstances? i would obviously be very happy to go to mac but for the aforementioned life & family planning reasons it's really important for me to wait to come off the western
  5. does anyone know if there's any flexibility whatsoever to extend the deadline on an offer in order to wait for a waitlist spot at another school, if there are special circumstances?
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