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  1. Hey! I'm an OOP applicant from this cycle - I applied to UBC with a roughly ~89% GPA and a 507 MCAT and am currently on the waitlist. I would say submitting an application is definitely worth it if you're interested in UBC, as there have been people with similar stats on the forums that have been accepted as OOP. My EC's were definitely an asset for me personally, but they aren't anything too out of the ordinary - if you make sure to write your descriptions well and have good references I'd say go for it!! Good luck - if you have any questions feel free to PM
  2. Accepted another Ontario offer just now so I'm off the waitlist - good luck everyone!
  3. Would any students from Ontario who are currently studying/have recently studied at UBC be able to speak to their experience securing funding through OSAP? i.e. Is the amount similar to what you would have received if you had chosen to study at an Ontario school? Thanks so much!
  4. Wondering this as well - was thinking of emailing or calling but I'll probably wait a couple of days. I feel they might not have an idea yet re: movement
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