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  1. congrats everyone!!! anyone else having some intense post acceptance anxiety?
  2. I’m not sure, was every reject sent out at 3 13?
  3. Or maybe all of the rejects were sent out at once?
  4. I know that rejects have been sent for both ppl in cohort 1 and in cohort 2 but obviously I don’t know if they sent them all at once
  5. Do acceptances and wait lists come out out at the same time?
  6. I’m sorry Are all rejects sent at the same time?
  7. has anyone seen UCAN changes? I haven’t but just curious if others have
  8. Has anyone had a reject yet? I’ve heard those usually come out in the morning
  9. Super anxious. Do offers, waitlist and rejections all come out at the same time?
  10. Yikes does that mean we may have to wait until Thursday or Friday? The misery!!!
  11. When they send out waitlist offers, do they give any indication of how likely you are to be accepted? Does anyone know how many people are typically waitlisted how many people get off the waitlist?
  12. Do you guys think it’ll be Tuesday or Wednesday. I just want to know the anticipation is killing me!
  13. Do you guys think theres any chance invites will come out today? They tend to overestimate how much time it’ll take from my experience. But at the same time it’s usually a Tuesday?
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