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  1. did everyone from western who was accepted have the button appear at midnight?
  2. really? so the ongoing mac thread indicating button: Y or N is referring to having or not having the button before 12 AM? does everyone who has offer have the button on omsas now (either from mac or western) ?
  3. sooo what do you all think having the 'reset responses' button means or could mean?
  4. im wondering this as well lol i'm scared to check
  5. i think that's fine since i remember one of the emails mentioned that they'd be understanding about upload times due to slow internet
  6. haha i know i don't really remember exactly what i said anymore!! and it's hard to tell how well my answers were received. i do think it's less nerve-wracking to do it online though and i'm glad that i didn't run into technical difficulties, cause i think some people did? not sure
  7. pretty much how i felt about my interview!! (just finished my final year & first time applying to nosm)
  8. cool! i'm from ontario but not northern so i'm not sure how my chances are. also not sure if they're going to evaluate the interviews in the same way. did mine online instead of in-person.. what about you guys?
  9. good point i think i might do that! if it's going to be bad news then i'm not in a rush to find out aha is everyone here from northern ontario or not?
  10. i remember i got a B+ in my first year and was so sad because it did lower my first year gpa but if that's the only B+ you ever get then i wouldn't worry about it! i'm not sure about the new policies but usually it's better to be qualified for adjusted or weighted gpas
  11. yeah same i applied with a high gpa like that also and took two global health courses and had relevant extracurriculars but have not heard back from them! i guess this program is more competitive than i thought
  12. yes! i wonder if anything will show up at midnight or if it's better to wait until tomorrow morning
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