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  1. Time Stamp: Jan 14, 2:27PM Program: MD Result: Rejected OMSAS GPA: 3.80 CARS: 127 IP/OOP: IP CARS: Did a lot of preparation. Responded to all prompts on test day. My goodness, how much I regret majoring in math in undergrad sometimes. Clearly, my GPA (and CARS for that matter) did no favours for my application. Hard to say how my CASPER turned out. Time to plan ahead for next year. Best wishes to all who applied this year
  2. Thanks again for the reply. My supervisor is not one of my referees (in hindsight- I could have averted this entire confusion if this was the case.. oh well). I agree, I was also thinking there isn’t a strict template, but I’ll try to confirm that with the admissions dept. I will send them another email tomorrow. With COVID, nobody is responding to calls apparently . I will post updates in this thread as a reference for other potential applicants with the same concerns.
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies. I am referring to McMaster: https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-to-apply/graduate-work .. I'm not clear on where to submit this letter, and whether there is a template etc. Also, some people say to submit it with SAM, and others say to mail it.
  4. ^update: OSMAS says to submit the letter via mail... this seems strange to me (esp during COVID). I haven't heard back from the medical school that requires the letter. If anyone else is in the same situation and knows how to handle the form, please reply here. Its too bad the med school didn't reply... I sent a message a while ago
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding OMSAS. I am currently a 2nd year masters student applying for med and am required to submit a letter of permission from my supervisory committee or the department chair. Is there some sort of template for this letter? Also, how do you submit this letter in OMSAS? I couldn't find much information about this online. At the moment, I'm thinking that such a letter would be submitted using the SAM tool. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. Oh... one more thing- after the OMSAS application is submitted, can we still access it and view the status of o
  6. It does! Thank you for your detailed response. For Ontario schools, do you know if Casper appointments are assigned randomly, or on a first come first-serve basis (for example)? I know isn't much difference in the dates- say, October 7th and mid November. I was just curious to know how they assign appointments.
  7. Hi, I noticed on the OSMAS page there was a post made on August 14th, and it was said that we do NOT need our OSMAS number prior to booking CASPER. However, when attempting to book, I was still prompted for my OSMAS number and subsequently could not finish my booking. Does anybody have insights on this situation? I might be mistaken in my interpretation of the message- so here it is for your reference. Knowing me, I probably misinterpreted this ... hur hur . Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding the application process for McMaster medicine. I have never applied for medical school before and am highly unfamiliar with the application process. I am specifically interested in knowing about the process for McMaster, as this is my top-choice target school. Anyone who has gone through the application process, feel free to chime and and provide insights. Here are my specific questions: 1. What exactly is the structure of the OSMAS McMaster application? Ie contents, ABS?, personal statement? Can you edit the application over time or is i
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