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  1. Hi, out of curiosity, did you get in? I also have a low GPA and I'm applying for the next cycle.
  2. Hi all, I'm applying to Atlantic Bridge for the 2022 intake. My first choice is UCC's 4 year program. I was wondering whether you think I have a good chance. undergrad GPA: 3.6 masters GPA: tbd but likely between 3.8-4.0 I have research experience with a publication and shadowing experience. I also have quite a bit of volunteering and extra-curricular experience. My LORs are also strong.
  3. Hey, my undergrad GPA was about a 3.6 and DAT was quite low which is what may bring me down (below 20 AA). I am currently doing a Master's, but I'm not sure if my master's GPA will be considered. I scored in the 3rd quartile for Casper.
  4. Hi all, Starting this discussion to see if there are any updates with Australian dental school acceptances? I have applied to UWA and USyd.
  5. Hi all, I'm creating this thread for those applying to Ireland dental schools for the 2022 cycle! Post any questions below!
  6. Hey guys! I declined my offer, just thought I should post an update! Good luck, hopefully one of you gets in soon!
  7. I have a few friends who also got in yesterday. If I had to guess based on the patterns seen from their initial acceptances, I have a feeling the next round will probably come out in 3-4 days! I'm just guessing though, and the GH office literally won't disclose any info about this lol.
  8. Hi I am debating between choosing one of the 2 programs listed above. I'd appreciate feedback on both if possible please!
  9. I asked them when people will start hearing back! here's the reply in case anyone was wondering
  10. Has anyone declined their offer or know someone who has? I don't think waitlist decisions have rolled out yet...
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