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  1. Just declined unspecified offer! GL everyone!
  2. Just declined position at hamilton! Good luck everyone
  3. Anyone know where to access the academy session recording from yesterday?
  4. Does anyone know where we can find more detailed info on McGill clerkship courses? Am trying to compare to u of t and having a hard time finding the info other than these documents: https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/mdcm-curriculum-joint-programs/curriculum-structure/curriculum-components https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/files/ugme/mdcm_schema_2020-02-07_en.pdf looking for length and breakdown of each course etc.
  5. hey didn't apply to NOSM but i have a friend who did, she got a specific line in her WL email and is wondering if everyone else had it too. it was a line about how they can't say WL position but that the WL does move every year and some people can expect to get offers?
  6. Result: Accepted, St George Timestamp: 9:34 wGPA/cGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 524 ECs: sports research travel Essays: spent 1 week, didn't do a ton of personal connecting. Interview: I thought it was okay, felt really good about 2/4 prompts and okay about the other 2. guess looking at notes didn't matter that much! Year: in progress masters Geography: IP torn between this and mcgill....
  7. Result: Accepted (hamilton) Timestamp: 8:37 cGPA: 3.99 or 4 (can't rmr if they take 3 or 4 yrs) CARS: 130 CASPer: minimal prep, second time writing it MMI interview thoughts: actually good, i never did the synchronous so the non-sync for me felt fine. some of the questions i was actually excited to talk about, found this interview to actually be unique and pretty stimulating. Year: in progress masters Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: No
  8. Time Stamp: 9:26 Accepted/WL/R: A (unspecified) IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 4 MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 132/130/130 Interview Experience (good, bad, neutral etc): actually thought this was terrible, the questions were incredibly specific for me and i ended up talking about my dog at one point in an un-ironic way. Very surprised by this! will likely be withdrawing due to unspecified campus
  9. Result: good waitlist Timestamp: 9:02 AM cGPA: 4 CASPer: prepared for probably 3 hours, mainly just reviewing my own experiences Interview: hahhaha left this interview and immediately laughed then got a beer. it was terrible Year: masters Geography: IP will be withdrawing!
  10. if its bad, it will say 'based on your position you are unlikely to receive...'. That is what people got last year. It might be useful to post email timestamp bc. last year it was shown to correspond to WL position
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