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  1. Do you guys they also take into consideration acceptance quotas (male/female ratio) when ordering the WL?
  2. Just want to highlight the strong collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills of our cohesive group to solve this Thinking about those essays though...
  3. I’m wondering if the top 3 people in the english WL were skipped or just didn’t update.
  4. Seems like the first french offer went out yesterday according to the spreadsheet?
  5. Did anyone from the french stream get a timestamp other than 9:34?
  6. How about we just merge them into one spreadhsheet, and we seperate them with a sheet for the english stream and a sheet for the french stream.
  7. Should we start making the google spreadsheets to track the WL and acceptances with timestamps and GPAs?
  8. French WL at 9:34. Anybody else get WL or offers to french stream?
  9. Congrajulations! Does that mean there isn't a 3 times interviewing limit for OttawaU?
  10. Do you have any information on the French stream? I have seen that many people who got in previous years had timestamps of 7:25 and many people this year also have that 7:25 timestamp. Should I consider that I have very little chances with a 7:26 timestamp?
  11. Has anyone received a bad waitlist email? I haven't heard of any one who has gotten one yet this year
  12. Has anyone heard of someone coming off the waitlist before someone with an earlier timestamp? That would be great to know for this timestamp theory
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