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  1. Had the exact thought, would be nice if they come tmr but if not good luck on Saturday or Sunday!
  2. I believe everyone has gotten the instructino for interview now, it stated it will be traditional questions not MMI. However anyone know what that really means? I thought traditional can still ask ethical scnerios and MMI also can ask "traditional" questions but it's juts the format it's taken?
  3. Guys, from my experience last year, checking the forum once a day is more than enough, do not over-check it will only make your anxious and nothing will change the results, good luck to you all and be patient and positive!
  4. Omg sorry about the late response and thank you so much this made my mind much easier! (Just woke up in the middle of the ngiht and can't sleep due to this). I was always thinking if I qualify for writing an explanation because I blame myself for my performance under the business program, but if it does not work our this year I will definitely give it a try and contact them beforehand to make sure it is fine for me to write one. Again really appreciate your insights!!
  5. Hi, I have a question regarding how our grade is looked at in the applciations. Do schools simply look at GPA as a pass/fail (to meet criteria) or look into the transcript as well? I have this question because it can make a huge difference for me. My OMSAS calculated GPA is 3.83, but it is due to having a year full of low 80s and a couple 70s in a business program (my first year) at a different school. After that year, I then transferred to a science program at another school and completed year 2-4 there, and have a 3.95 GPA ever since. As a matter of fact, I got the gold medal of that pr
  6. Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping I can lose enough weight by tmr to not feel my collar is tight haha. And from another thread someone said Dal use it for other purposes but not for determining interview invites apparently at least not this year. Not sure if it's true but it seems reasonable and doing it may not be bad like no one knows exactly how we did in Casper could boost our app just in case
  7. Yeah they should've made it more clear, but as someone else said it's probably just for their own benefit to evaluate the benefit of the option but won't affect the application as much unless it's super good or bad I feel. Good luck with queens!
  8. Man appreciate the encouragement, yeah I'm leaning toward doing it but will see how comfortable I get with the camera Bering practicing a little everyday, if it is not as ideal as I want then I may skip. And for queens yes, I emailed to ask whether they require snapshot, they responded that they don't require it, but if we do choose to complete it they will review it
  9. That's valid, yeah I need to consider this more carefully
  10. Fair point! I'm still hesitating probably will end up taking only if I feel comfortable with myself on camera without another live person. I just hope there is no penalty for not doing it since it looks like it was originally required meaning a good proportion of applicants probably did it, but jsut my assumptions
  11. And I know this is probably a weird reason for hesitation, but thanks to COVID I did gain a lot of weight and can't fit my suit properly which concerns me as well on camera......
  12. Hey guys, I'm still hesitating on whether to do the snapshot. I know McMaster don't care but both Ottawa and queens told me they will look at it if it is taken. And Ottawa told me specifically it is HIGHLY recommended, and I'm no sure what that means. I wonder if there's any penalty if I choose not to complete it for Ottawa? Anyone on the same boat or decided to not do it already?
  13. Did you guys end up doing it? I got interviewed last year so still haven't made up my mind if I should risk it, but since in email they told me it's is HIGHLY recommended I may have to do it to be safe?
  14. I emailed Ottawa they said it's not required, but HIGHLY recommended
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