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  1. Hi everyone! Thought I'd create this thread as I believe invites should be out by the end of the month. Good luck to us all!!! Time Stamp: Invite/reject: IP/OOP: SWOMEN (Y/N): ACCESS (Y/N): 2YGPA: MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): Essays (X/8):
  2. Does anyone know how to use inspect element to see what the OOP cutoff is? Just got rejected with a 75-100th percentile NAQ. Edit: Very close to the OOP cut off line if that helps.
  3. I counted ~41 invitations reported on last years thread for reference (Including early and regular). 15 have been reported here (Including early and regular)(Didn't count this thread, just reported what others have said).
  4. There's some strange hostility in this thread. Objectively, it seems like there were way less invites sent today than historically. Also note they increased their interview capacity to 700 this year.
  5. OOP and nothing yet for me Also no MCAT verification for me on my portal
  6. What if we're all getting played and it comes out next week or something lol
  7. I think on the website they said they interview between 50-100 OOP each year out of ~600 applicants. Do you guys think it will be the higher or lower this year? (aka how low yield is OOP )
  8. Does anyone else have a feeling that it won't come out today? Or just me
  9. These look really good Only thing would be to add some "service ethic" things to benefit the wellbeing of others or reframe your current activities to cover this sector if for example the startup is for the benefit of others. The categories of stuff you have to cover in your app is in the help guide on the UBC website and service ethic is one of them. Otherwise I think being a national athlete, founder of a startup, and author of 4 publications is pretty amazing
  10. Hello, I am english but can try to help as someone who interviewed, got waitlisted and had to take a pre-requisite during the app cycle because I previously got a B- in it. For the pre-requisite section, you should put the course you will have in progress with no grade to replace the courses that are below 70%. So to answer your question, put down the chemistry classes you will have to take. And make sure you are enrolled in these at the time of submitting your application so that they appear as "in progress" on your transcript. I didn't get in so I took that course for nothing!
  11. Same thing happened to me! Submitted my official transcript via email of my school almost a month ago and it is still not marked as "received". But my unofficial is submitted so just hoping for the best...
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