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  1. Hey! I think this is a pretty valid argument, but this would also be similar across most schools. Idk how it's going to play out and my guess is as good as yours. I do know that Mac admin is receptive to feedback and will host very prompt town halls to gather concerns from classes, and then act on them.
  2. Congrats and welcome to Medicine!! Western is a great school and I'm sure they are lucky to have you. I am sorry about how things went down with your application cycle here at McMaster. I personally think there could have been another way for this cycle to have gone down for the applicants. There is a formal update and FAQ that will be released soon regarding the details on the decision that may shed some light on why certain things (online interviews) were not feasible. I hope the document highlights the concerns you mentioned here.
  3. Honestly, IMO, yes I think a 3 year school would be impacted more than a 4 year school. As explained by other posters, the lack of summer "catchup" is speculated to be a disadvantage. Tbh I dont know how COVID will affect the clinical exposure for all medical schools, though some posters here (rightfully) believe that 4 year schools have more time to recover from COVID. I can't directly compare to other schools, but for the most part, Mac is pretty tight knit (pre-covid). You spend 5 medical foundations with different groups and get pretty close with them. Same thing goes for clerkship an
  4. Hi Galaxsci, thanks for the comment! Yes I did hear about this about C2022. From my knowledge, the required lectures are still grouped up into the mornings? I.e. most afternoons (if no tutorial) off to do at-least a half day of horizontals (pre-covid). Overall, you are correct and that there is less time for horizontals as compared to the past classes. I personally think it may be more than other schools though! However, If you are in C2022 I'm sure you can attest to this more than myself
  5. Hey again! Those points I mentioned were specifically in response to your thoughts on the "lottery label" and the perceived impact on applications, not COVID effects on a 3 year school. I totally agree that COVID impacts are going to be tough for all Canadian med students, and possible moreso for accelerated programs like Mac, not denying that. You definitely could call up and shadow at other schools, but the point I was trying to make was that (pre-covid) you had more time (less structured week) and more patient care opportunities (student friendly departments) on horizontals
  6. Great question! If you know for sure you want something that is historically not competitive, Mac saves you the time and money. I think it's a sweet deal. However, also know that your feelings about specialities change! At the same time, competitive specialties are more than realistic at Mac (coming from someone who matched to a historically competitive specialty). Matching is all about work-ethic, likeability, and ability to work as a team. Does Mac give you the ability to develop these skills? For sure. Do other schools also give you these skills? Also true! The learning phi
  7. First, thanks for the comments and insight! You do make some solid points, but I just want to push back on somethings. In this case, there does need to be accountability in students participating in patient care, as well as a formal way to ensure students are able to explore specialties. Therefore, having admin coordinate this is the clean and fair way to do this. A free for all with 206 students messaging doctors is neither productive or professional. In regards to other schools, I personally think the autonomy of horizontal students at Mac, and the ability to participate in car
  8. IMO, staff, educators, and residents (i.e. those who would be doing your evaluations) most likely will not even know (or care) about your admissions process. Your work-ethic and ability to work with others are what people will notice/care about. This is true for all aspects of your medicine career. The idea of being in the "lottery class" will most likely be something talked about for the first few months within your class, but not something that would penalize your career prospects. Great question! Personally, I knew that I had less time to figure out what specialty I was going
  9. Hey guys! I am a recent Mac grad and thought some people may want to ask questions regarding the program. There are definitely pros and cons to all schools, and I'm happy to share my own experiences at Mac! Additionally, I'm sorry to all the applicants who are rightfully anxious about the current decisions for this admission cycle. I hope you all are able to find comfort that getting those interviews indicate you are already a stellar applicant.
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