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  1. How did you determine the creation stamp after forwarding to gmail?
  2. Is it possible that people in the group chat still may be making up thier mind or can you only join if you accept the offer?
  3. Most class groups include admin and students from all years (mentors, student councils etc) so I wouldn't worry about that number yet!
  4. Omg Congrats I just got very excited!!!
  5. Is there an updated bin list by any chance?
  6. I just rechecked my email and see that the earliest time stamp in the source section is 11:37:29 which im assuming is 7:37:29 in EST if you wanted to update that. There honestly seems to be a trend! Thanks for making this btw.
  7. Ohh ok makes sense sorry I misunderstood. Hopefully that average sticks this year.
  8. Where did you get the 160 waitlist number from
  9. I agree with this, I’ve discussed this with a few people and they are on the same page! However some people may stick with Mac for personal reasons like being close to home so we will really never know:(
  10. Stream (EN/FR): EnglishTime You Received E-mail: 7:38AM (good waitlist)"Created" Time: 7:38:28AMwGPA: 3.97
  11. anyone know how many waitlist offers are given out?
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