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  1. @CHG Thanks for the info! Could you speak to how in-depth anatomy is at Western? I hear the anatomy labs were open to med students 24/7, is this still the case?
  2. can we pay the deposit right after accepting or do we have to wait for student centre to update?
  3. Has anybody tried to accept accepting the offer of admission on the student centre or does anybody know if we need to? There's nothing mentioned about it on the offer letter but just wanted to cover my bases.
  4. One of my offers requires me to send a final transcript. Is it possible to request the transcript after firmly accepting the offer on OMSAS, or should I submit the request prior to accepting? Deadline isn't until June 30 but I'm not sure what happens after actually accepts. Thank you all!
  5. Hey! Just wanted to ask if lectures are recorded and/or are mandatory? Thank you!
  6. Do we have to accept/decline anything on the student portal? I'm not sure what that button is there for..
  7. Is there anybody else who got accepted to both Mac + another school and is thinking of taking the Mac offer? Mac has been my #1 choice for a while but I'm getting increasingly worried at the number of people I am hearing of flocking to other schools if given the chance. Is there some reason this is the case? I'd also love to hear from current or former Mac students what their experience has been at the school Thanks in advance for the insight!
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