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  1. Oh hmm that's really interesting... crazy to think that the OOP 3.9+ and 510+ applicants all had CASPer below whatever cutoff dalhousie had decided for this cycle, even if they made the cutoff the mean score instead of 1.5 SD below it. I'd be really interested to know how big a role CASPER played in this year's cycle... @all OOPs that received an interview: how did CASPER go for you guys? Would you consider it one of the strengths of your app?
  2. Big R OOP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 515 Maritime connection: Very strong I thought. Spent my adolescence there and maintained some pretty strong community connections Wow really wasnt expecting this tbh... don't know where I went wrong in my essay :/
  3. I wonder why the IP invitations were so staggered? Some got theirs on the 21st and some got theirs yesterday... it's definitely not in alphabetical order so is it just random?
  4. Can anyone confirm from what time to what time they saw 3a/b show up on their section 2 app?
  5. Thanks for letting us know this is an option! Did they provide any general tips on what they’re looking for in an applicant’s application/interview? You don’t have to mention if it’s very specific to your application, but itd be super helpful to know for when I apply next year/to other schools because no other schools offer this feedback!
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