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  1. Just to be clear, Canadian programs are either AP or GP, there's not an AP/CP combo like in the states. Occasionally you will have residents start out as AP and switch into GP or vice versa, but you will only be Royal College certified in AP or GP at the end of 5 years.
  2. Agree with rmorelan, the SON was straightforward. Regarding the move, I read about the process a bit on some expat forums and the GOC website. Crossing into the US was extremely fast and straightforward. There was more inspection upon return to Canada - I was extremely organized, and I think that helped. The list of stuff is more to help you getting back into Canada, and most important for big ticket items (they would want you to pay taxes on things not owned for some minimum amount of time if the value exceeds your exemption limit - i can't remember the figures but I'm sure they're on th
  3. It depends what a good lifestyle means to you. A full time pathologist will generally make less money than a full time radiologist. But, as a pathologist, my work hours are much more regular/reasonable compared to my friends who are radiologists (though i can't speak to how radiologist work varies between different practice settings).
  4. So I am not a gen path, but I work with some GPs. The mix and how it's divvied up will vary depending on whether you're at a community hospital in a city, or at a hospital in a smaller community. From what I see, they truly do a bit of everything. Some surg path, some hemepath (blood films, the occasional marrow, and maybe marrow procurement depending on how that procedure is delegated), some transfusion... I assume potentially some micro and chemistry as well, but I have minimal exposure to that side of their skillset. You will likely have the ability to tailor your practice to your inte
  5. i remember, after finishing my exam and stepping outside the centre in Ottawa, it was like i was like I had suddenly found my way back into civilization after being lost in the wilderness for a year. It's been several years since I wrote now. I lost the exam weight (then put a portion of it back on as "staff weight"...that's gotta be a thing??), and I'm gradually filling in many of the gaps from that year. But every so often I still hear about an incident or celebrity death I had no idea about, or come across a hit song or movie from that period that I've never even heard of.
  6. No answer to your question specifically, but I think it's a matter of when (not if) radiologist pay is going to undergo significant claw backs -- and that's true across the country. The wheels are already in motion in some jurisdictions, and I don't doubt other provinces are waiting for their opportunity to start the process.
  7. Funny, I was thinking of the show fairly recently. I remember watching it -- marathon-style -- on Life Network back in the day. I actually looked for it, and it's not airing or streaming anywhere. You could consider emailing the production company if you want to pursue further.
  8. In that case you should do all them all, including step 3, so you are eligible for an H1B visa.
  9. Not sure if you've all come across this already http://healthydebate.ca/2018/03/topic/medical-students-carms Interesting activity in comment section... one of the most active posters is the mother of an IMG so not the side we hear much here
  10. You can also find groups of GPs in larger centres who have a portion of their FTEs dedicated to medical oversight of smaller/rural sites.
  11. Depends who you ask, and where they're from. GP is alive and well out west, but it sounds like not so much in Ontario (based on what Cain has said). I've even heard from recent AP trainees that, if they could go back, they would have done GP because of how marketable it is.
  12. Job postings are scattered around. But as iostream says the CAP-ACP provides one of the more comprehensive and up-to-date snapshots for Canadian path. Also agree that word-of-mouth is important, as often positions are not widely advertised.
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