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  1. Damn ik this thread is old af but I come to realize how little people understood and still don't get why Trump was elected in the 1st place. It has nothing to do with being dumb/smart like what is being said here. Both sides will attract smart/dumb people. Since the 90's the one thing that has been consistent is the rise of China and the decline of the US. The reason for this was so clear yet no one called it out. The rich people in the US sold out their country and sent all jobs to China and this has led to China becoming very powerful economically. The funny thing is that no one is talking a
  2. Sorry if this is kinda off topic (but related to the title lmao) but considering the change in the way wGPA is calculated with only 2.0 FCE's dropped, do you think more people with low 3.8's would get accepted cuz of maybe a lower average acceptance gpa?
  3. lmao now you're probably worried if they can make it at the 1st round or not. Progress for sure lol.
  4. If we had a pass/fail course for winter 2020 will they just count that as a credit, or count it as a credit and also use it for one of the courses you're dropping for wGPA?
  5. Hi, I was planning on applying at the beginning of 4th year (Fall 2021). Since winter 2020 marks don't count, how would the requirement for needing to have greater than a 3.7 for each individual year be impacted? My GPA without the winter term is just below 3.7, but with winter it's above 3.8. Would they just use the fall term?
  6. I sent an email to the school and they said they require it. Is it safer to submit it then? I'm just wondering cuz i might apply next cycle.
  7. Seriously? I thought you still have to fill out the ABS. Can anyone verify if this is true or not?
  8. I want to apply next cycle to mac. My gpa is 3.6 and cars 131. What percentile would i need approximately to get on casper to get an interview and how hard is that to do?
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