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  1. YAAYY!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I don't know if anyone has already made this joke but you are officially going to become a DOCTOR Doctor.Shiqipe!
  2. I just wanted to come back on here and give a big thank you to @newmy88 for created and editing the spreadsheet which has helped everyone so much! I want to thank @BingBop for creating this group! I also want to thank @MedicineLCS for always supporting and helping everyone during stressful times in the forum! Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has been positively rooting for each other, because without the support you all provided it wouldn't have been been possible. Another thank you to @grepefruit12 for stressing alongside me LOL! Congrats to @WuhanClan, @MedicineLCS and @grepefruit12
  3. Hey guys!!!!! I am literally going crazy right now!!!!! I barely can breath I just got the email from chantal that I got off the waitlist!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU GUYS HEAR BACK ASAP
  4. @MedicineLCS strikes one more time!! Thank you for these stats, you always come in clutch !!
  5. No we are not! only when we receive the email saying "the class is full" are we going to accept it. Till then the show is not over...
  6. @MedicineLCS strikes again!!! You always come to the rescue of stressed souls! We all appreciate it!!
  7. @CptAro Congrats!!! Just wanted to ask if you are bilingual? wondering if that is a factor!
  8. @Cardi(ology) B @Researchbunny100 @gooseberry @ApplyingMD Have you guys heard back yet??
  9. Haven't heard anything back yet! Hopefully soon!!
  10. To be honest I don't really know...I have a feeling they will send out the next mini wave maybe early next week
  11. Congrats!! I asked the same question to Premed but what was your created time in seconds! Just curious as to how far we are in the 39 time stamp
  12. Congrats!!! What was your created time in seconds? Just wondering if they got up to 7:39:35 ish!
  13. I know it must be stressful but when the first round of waitlist acceptances were sent out people were skipped, and then they got the offer later. The gaps were filled in so maybe the scenario is the same for you! Do not get disheartened your time and gpa are both excellent.
  14. @Path2MD @vandijk.04 Congrats guys!!! That is such great news!!!
  15. It truly is really tough, but don't worry because you are going to put your best foot forward and do super well. Don't give up just yet We will pull through!! (even if it seems difficult now)!!
  16. Let's keep our heads up high guys! The wave will be here sooner or later so till then let's keep positive thoughts running
  17. I was thinking the same! and congrats @medhopeful20!! That is so amazing!!
  18. You are a legend! We all thank you for this!
  19. Yay!!! Congrats! I am so happy for you!! This is such a good sign that the waitlist is making its way down!
  20. Hey! Congratulations! I am so happy for you!! Gives hope to all of us! Do you remember what your creation time was?
  21. Hey thank you so much! What was your gpa if you do not mind me asking!
  22. I think it should be around the same for outlook. 1) click the three dots on the top right 2) click view source 3) Search (Control F) "Create" Let me know if that works for your uni email! (The time should begin with 11:41:xx)! Thanks again!
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