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  1. Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if I was the only one with the UCAN application still down? Thanks!
  2. So I'm in the home stretch of writing my application and I am just realizing that a lot of my experiences in my Top 10 do not have a verifier. For some they don't because they are a personal experience, but there are a couple volunteering experiences that do not have verifiers because the person who supervised my volunteering doesn't have an institutional email (Ex-camp director who no longer runs the camp and does not have access to that email, I volunteered with some small businesses in another country however they do not have organization emails either, worked at a local store in a sm
  3. Hi everyone, So I'm just looking for some advice on whether or not I should rewrite my MCAT. I'm on the fence. I currently have a 514. I am really skeptical about writing again because of my great CARS score, but would like to increase my chem/phys score. For more context, I got a 5/17 in the personal activities section this past application cycle. My cgpa is: 3.56. I have a few more EC's that I'll be able to add for the upcoming cycle to increase my PA score (a couple leadership positions, more volunteer experience, masters) but still think that maybe I should rewrite to make up for my c
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