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  1. Can confirm. I'm definitely a more low-key type of person, and was able to find some really great friends at Mac. There's all kinds of personalities here, so I'm confident you'll find "your people"
  2. It's hard to predict exactly what will happen. I imagine they'll keep orientation early for you guys so that you can get to know each other, but events will be held online (ex: online coffeehouses). Since c2022 isn't even returning till October, it's pretty much certain that you guys won't either. In terms of the program getting harder as it goes, I'd say preclerkship has been more than manageable throughout. Especially during COVID, i might work 2 hours a day aside from classes and still feel like I'm really learning well. The first few months (MF1) is definitely a bit easier than the r
  3. It's very flawed. It's basically a Q&A. If you don't go into anatomy knowing exactly what you want to learn, you probably won't learn much. With this said, COVID resulted in our anatomy curriculum moving online - and with this, our anatomy profs developed online modules that are unbelievably useful. If anatomy for hamilton campus stays this way, it will be a huge asset to my class and to incoming classes. I should also add - I personally feel that the anatomy profs are the best part of Mac medicine. They are incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. They will make an appointment t
  4. It's definitely upsetting. But remember that the big news now will be forgotten soon. If it's something you really can't get over though, I understand.
  5. No problem. Always happy to help. I assume you got an offer? Congrats! And here's the average week: Monday - 3 hour tutorial (about once a month you also have a 2.5 hour lecture on monday) Tuesday - 3 hours professional competencies session Wednesday - Optional anatomy (Most people don't go. About 1/5 Wednesday's you will have a clinical skills practice session with a prof. They are the most valuable aspect of Mac's curriculum in my opinion) Thursday - 3 hour tutorial Friday - Usually off. About 1/4 weeks you will have a lecture on friday Note: You'll
  6. The new curriculum actually has less class than previous ones. The challenge is that these classes are mandatory. Quite often, the lectures aren't necessarily the most informative or relevant, but we are still required to attend the entire thing. Sometimes this makes it difficult to find enough time to prepare for our small group learning and shadowing. Overall, I'd say the new curriculum is flawed in many respects, however admin is taking our feedback and making some decent adjustments. Also wanted to add - since they decreased the amount of lectures, they encourage us to watch last yea
  7. To be honest, I don't think anyone is going to look at this class of Mac grads any differently than other classes. First, most doctors won't even know that some of this class got selected by lottery, especially because they're currently knee-deep in their work because of COVID. Furthermore, they would never know if you were one of the "top 100" or one of the lottery people. Finally, what the physicians you work with in the future care about (for residency matching purposes) are 1. Do they like you and 2. are you good at what you do. The last thing on their minds would be what class you're a pa
  8. Hey everyone! With offers out today and all the confusion surrounding COVID, the Mac lottery etc, I wanted to help dispel misconceptions about Mac's program and provide unbiased answers to anyone's questions. Hope this helps.
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