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  1. Fair enough, probably took an overly aggressive stance, especially considering I am a junior. I don't think it's accurate to say I know nothing of what the match process is, though I can only share what I've heard from the docs and PDs I've talked to. Of course, this information may not be representative of all programs, as as you mentioned, there are some preceptors who are elitist and hold biases against mac. As always, the truth likely lies somewhere in between. Based on the people I've talked to, both pre and post COVID, I still firmly believe that the lottery won't ultimately be a decidin
  2. c2021 Medical Student at Mac here: For everyone that got accepted today, congrats! It wasn't an easy road to get here, and it is very well deserved for you to be where you are now. If the lottery did not work out in your favour, I am sorry for how things played out - I know this isn't the most satisfactory way for the school to handle things, no matter their justification. I wish you best of luck in next year's interview cycle. I wanted to give my opinion on some of the concerns I've seen here for anyone who might find it useful. 1) PDs/ CARMS committees will stigmatize you fo
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