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  1. That's great! Congratulations to you!! Will you be accepting?
  2. hey! I actually sent them in email yesterday and this was the response i got: "Thank you for your continued interest in the Global Health program. Offers are being made on a rolling basis from the wait-list. Applicants will be notified if an offer has been made to them. This can go on until the last week of August (and possibly the first week of September, although we are trying to avoid this as much as possible). Unfortunately, we cannot reveal where students are on the wait-list so the only way to know is to watch out for an offer that comes your way. Once the class is full, we will not
  3. i just emailed them not too long ago! they had said that they are processing applications as quickly as possible and that we should be hearing back regarding our status in the next days/couple of weeks as the school of graduate studies is still processing them
  4. hey! it may be because i think when you sign into the actual application you need your email address but on mosaic its just the ID (no email)! try that and see if it helps but if not then hopefully IT services will be able to help you
  5. mine still says pending too do you guys know if they have sent out any waitlists/rejections as yet?
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