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  1. They did not make it through the first quartile last year! I know this as I was in the first quartile last year and ended up not getting in
  2. I would be shocked if we did. They always release them on the announced date
  3. I actually know a LOT of people who got their references contacted the last few years and got rejected!
  4. It’s also hard to say how many were IP vs OP!
  5. the beauty of the MMI is that each station is judged separately!
  6. I’m optimistic that we might know a bit earlier- rumour was that there was less interviews this year with the Casper, which means less references to call and applications to sort through! Plus may 15th is a Saturday this year
  7. Know that everyone feels the same! ❤️ We’ll all spend the next 2 months stressing and questioning our answers but there’s nothing we can do to change it! I’m just trying to keep busy so I don’t think about it
  8. I was told to expect more movement as last year final offers went out at the end of july
  9. Based on the amfc website it varies year to year. Normally between 3 and 6 it seems like. I think as long as you request it for a valid reason (school, athletics, compassionate) They’ll give it to you
  10. Not for med school, but for undergrad I went to CIBC for a student loan. I will never recommend this bank to anyone. It was absolutely brutal. I had to go back twice in the first month because they had my information wrong, and have had issues throughout the whole process. Example: them upping my fees from the student discount to insane amounts thinking I graduated (when I didn’t, and they had my enrolment letter and schedule for that year). I had to fight to get even some of the money back
  11. Has anyone gotten an invite off of the waitlist since this mornings update?
  12. I know of one person that’s gotten accepted off of the waitlist today
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