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  1. Hello yungdoc, I was wondering how to improve my OMSAS/uft essay for next year. I have applied three times and only receive one interview at UWO and got waitlisted. Probably applying again and would appreciate it if you could provide insight on how to make application standout for UfT.
  2. Anyone planning to decline their offer or removing from waitlist, don’t forget to update us - desperate NWL
  3. Did anyone ever apply simultaneously to Med School and Dental school at UWO and UfT? Do you think it looks bad by the admission committee or has any negative impact on your application? I would appreciate it if someone has received done this in the past and would like to share their experience?
  4. Volunteering via virtual services sounds like a good plan. Would you mind sharing where you can find them? Being NWL is like extended torture I don't want to hope anything and be disappointed again.
  5. Hi everyone, Congrats to everyone who got accepted! :) I received only one interview from western after third time applying and was NWL today. Super disappointed since I thought the interview went really well. I was wondering if I should start prepping for the next cycle or should look for alternative career paths. Medicine is something I am very passionate about, but at the same time, it has been a really stressful journey. I am lost rn and was wondering someone in a similar situation, mind sharing their experiences or thoughts?
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