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  1. This is the class schedule for the first week of fall semester and the French stream (I don’t know if it’s different for the English...). The schedule changes every week so I can’t post them all, but it gives you guys an idea! And yes, I’m a returning uOttawa student!
  2. Same for me! I can also see the class schedule on uOzone!
  3. Same thing happened to me. Do it with the Kingston police! (There was a link in the email that Risk Management sent) It’s completely online and it sends the police check directly to the school. Legit in one hour it was completed!
  4. GUYS!!!!!! I JUST GOT AN OFFER IN THE FRENCH STREAM!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!!
  5. Nothing yet! Not gonna lie, I have a mini heart attack every time I get a notification haha
  6. If that’s the case, it would be a perfect order! And sometimes, it could just be our calculations for wGPA that could be slightly wrong... I really don’t see a logic that they would use a different “technique/method” to send waitlist emails for both streams. If the time stamp theory works for the English stream, it must be the same for the French.
  7. I’ll update you guys if I hear anything!! Ça ferait vraiment du sens comme théorie par exemple! (Je suis encore tellement surprise qu’ils m’ont donner une entrevue avec un GPA tellement proche du cutoff haha) Et sur le côté anglophone, la théorie des temps semble faire du sens!! Good luck everyone!! Thanks @DrHopes for the excel!!
  8. That kind of changes things... they said that they might take other factors in consideration (like maybe bilingualism - even though, I’m pretty sure we all are haha). Good observation but don’t know what to think of it!
  9. If the theory holds true, that would means that I’m probably the last one in my bin (since my GPA is extremely close to the cut off) and you must be at the top of the bin right after since you have a pretty high GPA. I guess we’ll see once they start calling people off the waitlist...
  10. Not that I know of! The only other time stamp outside this forum that I know of is 7:26 (he didn’t tell me the seconds).
  11. I 100% agree! How did they think that lottery was more fair than even a phone interview?? Yes you can’t see the person but at least you can hear them and listen to what they have to say?!?
  12. I didn’t think much of the waitlist until I saw the lottery with med applicants, so I was just wondering. Thanks for your theory!
  13. Hello guys! Speaking of the lottery, I applied for PA this year and got waitlisted with no interview as well. Do you think they used the lottery system for PA too??
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