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  1. do you mind linking us to the OG list? thanks so much for your support!
  2. @MedicineLCS when you say "some", how many do you speculate are going to be sent out?
  3. why didn't anyone report timestamp between 7:42-7:45? seems strange
  4. @Borat Sagdiyev I am early 7:45 and I feel sad whenever someone loses hope in our group lol
  5. Is it weird there is no time stamp for 7:33-7:34? :/
  6. for some reason, I can't open the excel file --anyone else has this issue?
  7. did someone try joining without an acceptance? LOL
  8. it seems like you progressively improved your application!
  9. How do you think the waitlist works? looking through past threads, it seems like the lower end of the GPA don’t get called out. do you think it’s divided up into 4 bins according to interview scores and they go down according to descending GPA (maybe 3.9) and then jump to the second bin OR do you think they go all way down the bin from the highest to lowest then to the next bin?
  10. I feel like a lot of people might not share their data because of privacy issues — I wish there was a way (maybe an anonymous form) to submit GPA and and timestamp (without the seconds) and so we could order In terms of decreasing GPA — I am just a bit worried and my thoughts are all over the place so Idk if it makes sense lol
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