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  1. Applications will be open into the summer for 1-year taught or research-based MSc programs at some well-regarded schools in the UK (Imperial College London, King's College, University College etc). Tuition is kind of ridiculous at around $40,000 or $50,000 CAD, but keep in mind that it's only 1 year full-time from around the end of September 2020 to the same time 2021. Think of it like paying $25,000 per year for a 2-year MSc program, but you finish a year early. Definitely not an option for everyone but I chose this path and was able to turn a useless life science undergrad into an employable
  2. Lots of great points in this thread with regards to how CaRMS, future employers, etc will not care at all about how you get into medical school. I agree with this, and if this is the only thing that matters to you, Mac is still a great choice. However, I have already received frankly disgusting vitriol for posting my acceptance on social media, and I am aware of at least one other individual who has also been targeted (we think by the same person). I have no desire to be harassed or looked down upon by my peers for the next 3 years, and as someone who is lucky enough to hold an acceptance to a
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