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  1. I had very similar stats to you and used a highschool teacher as a referee and got into UofT this year! Like others have said, who your referee is matters substantially less than what they have to say about you
  2. To update those on the waitlist - we've been told that the class list for this year is "more or less finalized". Best of luck to everyone next cycle!
  3. Not a uOttawa student personally but Queen's Admissions was able to provide me with a letter outlining my anticipated enrolment/graduation timeline. That was enough for my Scotia advisor to give me access to my LOC
  4. I called the medical financial partner of Scotiabank (MD Financial or something) and they confirmed that the $60,000 minimum income holds. Any suggestions as to what I can do?
  5. Has anyone been able to secure the Passport Visa Infinite card from Scotiabank this year? My advisor informed me that they are no longer waiving the $60,000 minimum income. I've been told that I can only get the gold AMEX + a normal Scotiabank Visa Rewards card. Would love to hear from other Scotiabank customers to know if it's an issue w/ my advisor or if they really just changed the criteria this year.
  6. I won't lie, you're in a bit of a tough spot! One thing that would help people on this forum provide some advice is your geographical status; are you Ontario, Quebec, east coast or west coast? Depending on where you are situated even a 125 in CARS could open a lot of options. The strength of your ECs and LORs is a factor as well. Your GPA is very competitive, but all three schools you've listed are very competitive. For example, even with a 4.0, McGill can be a long shot due to their dedicated seat allocation (very few OOP). The strength of your ECs could help determine whether the "gambl
  7. I've declined an NB seat as I've accepted an offer at Queens! I emailed Dal two days ago but no reply yet, hopefully some movement for someone soon goodluck all!
  8. I removed myself from the class yesterday (NB applicant), so maybe someone can expect good news soon
  9. I plan on removing myself from the wait list but you can add me if useful: Stream: EN GPA: 3.99 Time received: 7:41am For some reason I can't get ahold of the Creation time in the same way others have, sorry. Good luck everyone!
  10. Long time lurker who finally took the plunge and made an account. Hopefully I can start contributing to the community in the coming months! Result: Accepted Timestamp: 10:31 am (Atlantic) 2YRS/cGPA: 4.0/3.99 MCAT: 521 (130/127/132/132) ECs: Sometimes I think they're diverse/strong, but unsure. Variety of varsity athletics, volunteering, research, etc. PM for details! Interview: Rough, to say the least. I dropped my phone in the lobby and shattered the screen just before entering the MMI circuit. First two stations were abysmal, don't even remember the subsequent
  11. Long time lurker! Want to start contributing to the community that helped me, starting with rounding out stats: Result: Waitlist (good, bad, no idea?) Stream: English Timestamp: 7:42 AM MCAT: 521 (130/127/132/132) cGPA: 3.99 CASPer: No interview at Mac - CARS score may have contributed to this ECs: Diverse IMO, PM for details if you're interested! Interview: Meh. The interview was average at best. I didn't feel like I made a great connection with my interviewers, but at the same time they didn't challenge/probe me. Probably my worst interview of the sch
  12. Long time lurker, now that I'm in I feel like I'd like to contribute back to this community! Starting with helping out stats: Result: Accepted (St. George) Timestamp: ~7am Atlantic? (via OMSAS) wGPA/cGPA: 4.0/3.99 MCAT: 521 (130/127/132/132) ECs: Sort of diverse? PM if interested Essays: Felt pretty good about these, spent ~2 weeks getting feedback and revising. Interview: By far my best interview, the MPI really allows you to make a connection with your interviewer IMO. Felt very personal, which strangely was not the impression I got from the rest of my inte
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