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  1. Forget what I mentioned above, you should be qualified for the wGPA from UofT.
  2. Unfortunately, I believe you are not eligible for it due to your first year having only 9 courses. As every year, you need a full course-load (10 courses equivalent) and it can't be made up in subsequent years or summers.
  3. With regards to not taking winter 2020 marks, I think this disproportionately affects those applying in this upcoming cycle more than those who are currently in their first and second year. People ready to apply generally have an upswing in GPA. But at the same time, the change in weighted GPA disproportionately affects those who just graduated and applying this cycle, why? My understanding is that 2nd year going into their 3rd year and 3rd years going to their 4th benefits the most as the lowest 2.0 FCE gets dropped whether you took 20 courses, or 30 courses, or 40 half-year courses. Hence
  4. Has anyone who worked in the industry (particularly the pharma industry) successfully made it into med school (other than Mac). I have finished my MSc and currently in my gap year and I am wondering if it is a good idea for me to take the well-paying job (working as a scientist-ish in contributing to drug development. The reason this may be a concern is that medical school may actually look negatively towards this due to the reputation that pharma industries have. I tried looking through pasts threads and it seems like no applicants who SUCCESSFULLY got into medical school put down "working in
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