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  1. This is actually super interesting. What I am speculating is that this is like a pilot project. The reason I think this is because of the NDP promising a new "MD school" at SFU for the 2023/24 year. Just like how UVIC and UBCO and UNBC represent the IMP, SMP, NMP, I think SFU will be the new FMP. UBC will most likely still oversee admission for this new site. Regardless, they are probably doing this to sort out the logistical stuff for this expansion. I hope this means that another 30 seats will be added which would be huge! Anyways that's just my thoughts on why they are doing this.
  2. It is actually really sad at how little people are contributing to this forum. It seems like the number of active people on here decreases every year. The worst part is that I can grantee you that people are constantly just viewing others post trying to gain information while not wanting to contribute at all. I don't really understand this. Why not contribute to this forum even though you use it? Why not create a community where premeds can go to get a clear idea of how the admission process works because lord knows adcoms don't want to tell us sh*t? Why not provide support to people that are
  3. Nothing .... Most likely next round will be last. Maybe one more after that. Waitlist should be getting shortened within the next 2 weeks
  4. To get seconds you have to go to your communication history on OAS
  5. It doesnt seem like its alphabetical. Can't really determine anything unless people that got off the waitlist post. Can applicants who were accepted off the waitlist please share?
  6. Just a quick question for everyone. I was trying to look at my last years application stats(I was waitlisted last year too), but I cant seem to find the show last application button on OAS. I know it used to be on the home tab, but it seems to have disappeared. Just wondering if everyone who has applied previously is also experiencing this?
  7. Waitlist seems awfully quiet this year. I dont know if that is just because people are not posting or what.
  8. First of all, WOW amazing post!!! I am just confused and astonished about one thing. How in the F#3K does UBC not fill 288 spots every year. This make me feel disgusted that every year there could (NO SHOULD) have been 1-4 people on the waitlist that get accepted!!!!!!! This makes me feel even more pain for the people on the waitlist that get stringed along upto the very end just to be told that they did not get accepted even though they have at least 1 more spot! This kind of doesn't add up. If this is true, I am at a loss of words . Another question that I have is how are candidates th
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