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  1. Does the weird interview tab on last year application show up for everyone that had an interview last year?
  2. I experienced the exact opposite last year. When I went to book an interview last year (after about 30 mins of getting the email because I was completely in shock last year and didnt know what to do), a lot of the slots were full.
  3. I dont know about this. But what would explain the interview tab on last years application cycle? The weird thing is that the interview tab says that its for 2020-21 cycle.
  4. I think it is because there are still more invites to go out. Last year the slots filled up soooooooo fast.
  5. Friend that received invite is telling me there are still lots of available slots for booking interview. Crossing my fingers.
  6. Really hoping there are more waves of invites. My cuttoff scores last year was way above IP. My last name starts with an S. Hoping for the best. This year is so different ugh.
  7. I have volunteer position which I am thinking about splitting into 2 entries on the non-academic section of the application. The reason I am considering this is because my roles during pre-covid and during covid were completely different. What are your thoughts on this? Would it be okay for me to do this? Would I need 2 different verifies or can I use the same one for both entries?
  8. Hello, I am confused as to whether I meet the requirement of "full time". At my University, classes can range from 3-5 credits. 3 credits if there is not lab attached with the class and 4-5 credits if there is a lab attached with a class. The labs themselves are pretty much a course on their own as they are 3 hours long every week with their own final exams. I am not sure if other schools are like this which is why I am writing this. I have written down the number of classes and credits for each semester. Please let me know if I meet the requirement to apply. I greatly appreciate your help.
  9. I got regrets as well however there is a silver lining for me with this years application cycle. I had a below average interview and NAQ score in the 25-50 percentile. I am actually mind boggled at how I am even waitlisted. This really gives me hope for next year. Just gotta bring up my interview and NAQ and bobs your uncle.
  10. Nothing here either. Was one hell of a run but no cigar. I'm with you @JackSprat. I really just want to get this over with and I hope UBC will shorten the waitlist soon so I can just move on. Congrats to everyone one that got accepted!!!! I'm trying to looks at this in the perspective that everything happens for a reason (makes dealing with this a little easier). I finished my undergraduate degree this summer and it looks like I am going to have to kill some time for the next application. Going to try to relax and recover because university has f*cked me up these past 5 years. It going to fee
  11. Is it weird that the blog post says that they will send out another round of offers??? I looked at the past 2 years of blog posts and normally on their fifth round post they do not include that.
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