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  1. Oh 2024s please be gentle. lol Break the cycle of ridiculous colours and pick bright blue or grey! Bright blue satisfies the need for a bright colour (if we must) and grey looks at least pseudo neutral/professional and could possibly even be worn to a conference/professional event.
  2. Hi, this is a super old thread but seems to be the most recent/relevant one I can find on this topic. I'm wondering if any current Qmed students can share what are the required or suggested textbooks for histology, anatomy and pharmacology. Or, are there any other resources that you found especially useful ?(specific anki decks, youtube videos, etc.) Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone has ever heard of someone being granted a deferral for medical reasons, specifically pregnancy. On the Queen's website it only mentions deferrals to complete existing degrees but there's no info about medical/extenuating circumstances. I've seen this mentioned on other med school websites and have seen posts of people deferring for pregnancy at other schools but I can't find anything on this for Queen's. I've been trying to phone them but have not been able to reach a real human (presumably they are all working from home and only answering emails)
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