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  1. I wrote the MCAT 2 years ago with this approach, Kaplan books and Khan Academy. I also had less MCAT science knowledge than most (1 chem course and 1st year physics as part of my degree). I would also recommend purchasing AAMC practice questions for CARS. Doing lots of practice there is what I attribute to a competitive CARS score.
  2. Haven't heard either. Still waitlisted for my first choice of site.
  3. If it helps anyone I was waitlisted on May 13 at 7:58:08. Accepted off of the waitlist today as per my previous post.
  4. I was offered admission today (10:37am) to my second choice SMP! (IP and rural applicant) I also can't believe this is happening!! Good luck to everyone else who is still on the waitlist!
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