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  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to update that I was accepted today at 11:50 am. And I just looked at the spreadsheet, the WL email time on it says 7:40 for myself, but it’s actually 7:39:23! I know of people that were accepted till June 12-13 last year so don’t lose hope guys, there’s still lots of time to go!!!
  2. CONGRATS!! Based on the past, you'll likely receive a reply tomorrow. If you don't mind me asking, what was your timestamp for the waitlist email?
  3. I really do think there will be movement tomorrow, and that too in a bigger wave. It seems that so far offers have been tricking down but the major wave should be tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!
  4. We really appreciate you putting in the effort to look into this to give us a bit of hope! THANK YOUU!!!
  5. @newnsa98 and @ballercat is it possible you both are OOP? Just trying to see if there’s a trend here or if IP are favoured.
  6. Do you know which forums, for what years, you read this for? I read the 2018/2019 thread and I think the first offers were sent after the 2 week mark
  7. Has anyone else heard back yet from the waitlist?? I’m wondering if this is a wave or jsut a couple of spots being offered.
  8. Stream (EN/FR): EN "Created" Time: 7:39:23 Time You Received Email: 7:40:08 wGPA: 3.95 Good Waitlist! Wishing everyone the best of luck!!!
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