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  1. Is anyone still looking to form MMI prep group? If so, please comment here or message me and we can figure something out!
  2. OMG INVITE!!!! I can't believe it I started crying on zoom lmao Result (Invite/Regrets): Invite Time Stamp: 2:51 wGPA: 3.93 Year: 4th MCAT (CP/CARS/BB/PS): 132/129/130/131 (522) CASPER (Quartile): 4 (WL for mac as OOP so must've been pretty good) ECs: Lots of time working in a healthcare job providing clinical services, some volunteering and student clubs, lots of music, some more unique activities (dm me for info!) Geography (IP/OOP): OOP So so grateful especially since I got rejected across the board last cycle. Congratulations to everyone that received an inter
  3. Mine changed a couple of days ago as well! Hopefully we'll be hearing back soon cause my nerves can't handle this for much longer lol
  4. Result: Interview Waitlist Timestamp: 1:12 PM OMSAS GPA: 3.88 CARS: 129 IP/OOP: OOP Casper: 4th Q Very grateful that I wasn't outright rejected but I'm not sure how much weight I should put on the waitlist. Does anyone know if I have any hope to be offered an interview as an OOP? Also, does anyone know if mac tells you where you rank on the waitlist.
  5. Thats great to hear! Could you elaborate a bit on what was covered in the course so I can try to match it up with UofA courses?
  6. Hello, I was hoping to see if anyone from the university of alberta or anywhere else knows if I still need to take a second biochemistry course or if the courses I have taken fulfill this requirement. Currently I've taken BIOCH 200 which is introductory general biochem, however we dont have a second general biochem class so I'm curious what other course fulfills this requirement. I've also taken BIOL 107 which is introductory cell bio and BIOL 207 which is molecular genetics and heredity. I can also take another cellular biology class in the summer if that would fulfill the prereq. Does a
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