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  1. Hey folks! To my fellow acceptees for fall 2020, hello! Excited to meet you all! I'm currently located around TBay and looking at places to complete my BLS cert before September. There doesn't seem to be too many options listed on the Red Cross Canada website, and also note that any of them in May are currently cancelled due to COVID. I did get a response from HealthTec Training and Services, however, saying that if at least 4 people presented who needed this certification, they would be willing to run a small private course in early June. Let me know if any of you are in the
  2. Time stamp: 9am ish Decision: Accepted! GPA: 3.9 Context: Grew up in 2 rural northern towns, <2k people. University in a big southern city EC's: Health & hospital volunteering, sports, Ontario parks, campus associations, hunting & fishing Year: 4th year UG Previous applications: 0 I will be accepting, and am so excited to meet everyone in the fall! Good luck to everyone else reapplying, hope to see you on campus next year! west is best ;)
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