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  1. Good luck to all who applied! Currently in my first year of Queen's PT so if anyone needs anything, don't be afraid to reach out!
  2. My McGill application still says Under Review as well! Not that it matters considering I already got in elsewhere, but come on! I know of a couple people who have received rejections, one back in April and one two weeks ago, so I don't know what the hold up is and what's stopping them from just saying "Waitlisted" or something like that.
  3. Get both if you can. OSAP will give you some grants and some loans and the line of credit is just nice to have as a security. Getting a LoC doesn't mean that you have to use it!
  4. Yes there is! It was sent in the original acceptance email on May 29! At least they sent the link in my PT acceptance letter, if you need a link just lemme know because it’s a OT/PT group!
  5. I personally have not for PT! I’m assuming we will get ones once our conditional offers become unconditional offers, AKA when they receive our transcript.
  6. My Queens PT offer says this, but the email I received from them with my acceptance says June 12. I don't really care though considering I've already accepted the offer so!
  7. I believe Queens and Toronto do not look at it, but Western and Mac do. I know queens doesn’t for sure!
  8. Accepted to Queens PT and Western OT! Also got waitlisted for Western PT and Toronto OT but I’ll be accepting my Queens PT offer! cgpa: 3.51 sGPA: 3.75
  9. lol yep. I contacted them via the messaging portal on the application and they said "no delays, you will hear in May or June."
  10. They had one two years ago when they invited accepted students to apply for scholarships/bursaries a month before the decisions even were released. But this year they shouldn't have any.
  11. Someone posted in the Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected thread just now that they got accepted and they have until June 12 to accept the offer. I'm assuming we will hear back after that.
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