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  1. Hello guys

    I wanted to inquire about how people that studied in Australia and USA manage to come back to Canada and pay of such massive debt. we are taking 300k + CAD. I know there are plenty of students who do this, so I assuming there must be a way of paying it off quick which I am not aware of right now. The thought of paying off a massive debt like this for 10 years is pretty scary.

    I am asking this because Dentistry is my passion, but due to health related reasons my gpa is not competitive for Canadian schools. I come from a poor background and my parents will not be able to support me financially.  So I want to consider all aspects of studying in another country to ensure that I am not digging myself a financial grave. I would would love to pursue dentistry but I also need to support my family once I return back.  

    To sum up: what strategies do American and Australian trained dentist use when it comes to paying off debt once they return to Canada. 

    Thank You 


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