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  1. I’m also curious how many spots there are confirmed in the class already !
  2. Does anyone else’s offer have a conditional line saying something along the lines of sending a transcript to OMSAS by June 30th for additional university courses? just wondering because I’m in some additional post undergrad courses and some don’t end until July.
  3. Not sure when it updated but I checked at 5am and it was there !!
  4. Applied to NOSM (who doesn’t usually update at midnight)and thinking it’s best to try and sleep till morning... know it won’t happen though lol
  5. We’re in the home stretch now!! Basically just spending the day counting down the hours till bed time lol... not the best way to stay busy
  6. Has anyone ever received (or heard of people receiving) acceptances to NOSM through OMSAS before they got their acceptance email? If so, what time was OMSAS updated around!
  7. I also agree with wanting to know so we can either prepare or move on... this is my second year applying (NOSM only) and it feels like I’ve been waiting since 2019 :(
  8. I’ve been feeling the same way!! So strange to think about the fact that the decisions are already made and the emails already ready to be sent out with our names on them... I’ve been trying to find distractions as well, but nothing speeds up time as much as I wish it could!
  9. Hey everyone! Figured I’d start a thread since we re getting so close to May 11th. Hoping we can get through the next few days together and notify each other about results emails when they start to come! how has everyone been doing with the wait and what have you been doing to keep busy?
  10. Time stamp: 7:30 interview: yes GPA: 3.87 context: rural NO entire life EC: varied volunteer, no research non traditional: no # of previous apps: 1 (waitlisted last year) interview date: March 6th
  11. No, haven’t heard of anything. Although it seems to just be the three of us waitlisters on the forum...
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