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  1. That is very strange that you did not receive the update. Have you tried emailing? I imagine most of the admissions staff are working from home so they might be responsive to emails. Hopefully you hear back soon!
  2. When they said weekly they might have meant that we will get an update each week, not that the emails will be exactly one week apart. I am sure we will hear soon.
  3. It actually might have moved less than 10 spots. The email only tells you how many people are left on the waitlist, some people would have removed themselves by accepting offers to other schools...at least that is how I am interpreting it. So yes, this is quite the year to be waitlisted.
  4. Wow that is more than I thought. I was anticipating ~12! Thanks for sharing, that is nice to hear.
  5. Since you asked so nicely no, I have not heard anything either... the wait continues.
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