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  1. No offence taken. She will probably set up an id here soon. Right now she just views anonymously and is concentrating on preparing for interviews. Plus she works full time so her time is limited. I just scan the boards for her and if I see anything interesting, I let her know. But yes I have mentioned to her that it would be wise for her to set up an id herself.
  2. I find it interesting that different medical schools seem to look at different criteria. My daughter got interviews to some medical schools like Western but got rejected from Queen's. Just scrolling through the messages I noticed some applicants got a Queens interview but got rejected from Western. I guess that's a good thing because otherwise all medical schools would be chasing the same applicants and you'd either get all interviews or all rejects. Now I'm an old accountant so I'm not as smart as any of you but it seems to me that just because you get an interview does no
  3. My daughter just got an R She thinks she got hurt by low CARS Time to move on. Good luck to those that got interviews.
  4. She has absolutely the same sentiment as journeytofreakingMD Just send it out. I can't believe how much these medical schools stress you guys out.
  5. Does anyone know if there are second waves of invites? My daughter has no email yet. Or does this mean she's an R?
  6. Here is the exact working. She forwarded the email to me.
  7. Actually she received the email later than what she told me. Here is the exact stats Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:46:20"Created" Time: unknownwGPA: 3.96
  8. Hi All, I'm not applying to med school, I'm actually an old accountant who works for a company that sells disability insurance to med students, residents, doctors etc. BUT i am truly here for my daughter who applied to 4 med schools - Mac, Toronto, Queens and Ottawa. She only got an interview to Ottawa so this is her only shot. Like most of you, she was disappointed to be waitlisted. But for your stats, she had wgpa 3.96 and received the email about 7:40. I asked her to forward the email so I can see the exact time but she hasn't done it yet. Does she have any shot to get in off
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