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  1. Hey Guys! I was wondering if someone had any advice for the reading comprehension section of the DAT, as I always find that I am crammed for time near the end of the third article. Secondly if someone could recommend some good resources for solid practice that would be great as well! I currently have DAT crusher for RC, but was looking for more resources.
  2. Hey, I know last years stats for average AGPA for Manitoba was 4.1 and Average DAT was 21.5. So you had an excellent DAT score and a pretty good agpa. I heard that this year they interviewed 90 people instead of the 62 that they did last year. Not sure how far this is true tho. So it’s possible stats were way higher this year, not sure tho. But I think definitely your interview is what probably kept you out, since your stats are awesome!
  3. Hey guys thought I’d start this to get an idea of what people’s stats were who applied and for people on the waitlist, since it seems like applications were more competitive this year. OOP/ IP: Accepted/ Rejected/ Waitlisted: AGPA: DAT: Interview thoughts (if you want):
  4. If you don’t mind me asking are you in UofM Dent? If you are, did people with 20.5 as a DAT average score get accepted?
  5. I had a few questions regarding the university of Manitoba dentistry program. Is the average accepted gpa usually around 4.0, and what is usually the average DAT score? In addition, do they take the best DAT score to date, so if someone had a better score in November than the February DAT, do they take the November one?
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