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  1. Hello all, I was just wondering if grad students used SAM on OMSAS to upload a Letter of Confirmation of Thesis-based Graduate Degree Requirements? It says on mine that they send it to Western, but Western never email me back when I asked if they received it
  2. Hey all, I just wanted to confirm that once you pay the direct deposit, its comes on you UWO student portal under acount summary as Total Due -1,000.00. I paid using Payee Account Name: WESTERN UNIV-TUITION AND RESIDENCE and my account number for web payments as my student number. Could anyone let me know that how you did it?
  3. Hey everyone, got a call @1:59 today... off from NWL at Windsor. Honestly been a longgggggggggggg process and it’s finally done! Hopefully someone else gets off NWL too.
  4. Hey @rmorelan do you have any prediction about the waitlist normal movement this year? considering the unique situation we are in with COVID and Mac? Would love to hear your views.
  5. So last year was the first time they dropped the CARS to 127 and introduced ABS... I do think 10-20 NWL gets in every year, and NWL is probably around 40 ppl in it. As someone mentioned that 1/3 to 1/2 of NWL get clears depending on each year, just praying for this year half of it to be clear :)
  6. With COVID, some OOP might like to stay close to home. And Ottawa and Mac doing rolling waitlist and Queen usually start moving waitlist before Western (since western typically begin at 28 or 29 May), we might see more movement on the waitlist. But I think with few ppl declining Mac because of the lottery, and some might like to pick Western because close to home will offset the above waitlist movement. I honestly think it will be a typical waitlist movement, something like 70-80. But still hoping for 2018 like 99 offer declines!!!
  7. Last year they have 78 offers declined, and with few exceptions, most of the HWLs were offered a spot at Windsor, which has 38 seats (some ppl choose to stay in Windsor, so making it a smaller number of spots being offered), so they must have over offer. Otherwise, 78 offers declined doesn't make sense.
  8. I just don’t understand why they over offer and also almost alway clear HWL...it’s just seem redundant...when you can just have NWL and go from there.... your numbers does seem to work out @Scrubadubdub
  9. Anyone have a guess how many ppl are on high waitlist and normal waitlist? This suspense is exhausting....
  10. Hi, I have wGPA for Uft 3.94/ finishing master and mcat 516 (129/127/130/130)...have done a lot of volunteer in community and on campus. Wish had 128 on CARS so could had applied OOP
  11. I am in the same boat as you. I do think that HWL will get clear and some NWL will probably get invites. I personally don’t think Mac lottery and Covid will have huge impact and still hoping 70-80 ppl might decline the offer. Hang in there my friend in Windsor got off the NWL last year and said there were quite few of NWL there
  12. ahhhhh...there is no method to this madness!!! Wish had more people posted the time they received the email. But you are right...its the first post so far which didn't fall into the above time categories. Again I am just a desperate biased NWL lol
  13. Lol I tried...didn't saw any HWL at 9:06 when I posted. Would NWL mind sharing what time they received their email?
  14. I was wondering the same thing after looking over Ottawa Waitlist. It doesn't seem to in the past, everything seems to be random. However, this year based on what everyone has posted: Acceptances 8:49-9:04 High waitlist 9:04-9:05 Normal waitlist 9:05-9:08 Low waitlist 10:45-10:46. I received the email for the normal waitlist at 9:05#confirmationbias lol Probably means nothing I want to have some hope and, at the same time, don't!!!
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