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  1. Adding on to this question, do you think it's worth it to apply with a 127? I'm not sure if its worth the effort of writing those 8 essays if the 127 was just a weird blip in the trend of being 128+
  2. Are we able to get access to beartracks without submitting the primary application? I tried logging in with my Launchpad info that I use to access the primary app (I'm not a UofA student) but those credentials don't work.
  3. One more question - did anyone repeat entries between different sections (i.e. leadership and employment), or did you only put a certain activity in one category? I know it would probably be common sense to avoid doing this, but my dilemma is whether it would be better to 1) use a big leadership job I had in the employment section and put a club exec position as my 4th leadership entry even though I didn't accomplish nearly as impressive things or 2) use my leadership job in both the employment and leadership section. basically, quality or quantity?
  4. A friend of mine got an offer yesterday. I think from now on the offers will probably go out one at a time since they have so few seats left. I’ve been wondering the same about how much more we should hope. I think they usually send an email to those too low on the list, but the blog post says they aren’t sending that email this year. The office must be too busy this year with the extraordinary circumstances.
  5. I wonder if the next round of offers have gone out already? Or maybe they have been rolling throughout the week? I thought there would be some sign of further movement by now (either on the blog or here) but things have been eerily quiet
  6. Makes sense! Yeah every-time they released a decision, it takes me a day or two to get my bearings back. I've been trying to convince myself to just focus on work (this has been the most unproductive week of work haha) but easier said than done
  7. Does anyone know how much more waitlist movement we should expect after this? A bunch of ppl in my personal life were accepted yesterday, and one also told me that over 25 ppl joined the fb group between last night + this morning (after taking out probable current students). This makes me feel like movement will be minimal at this point? I'm really not familiar with how this works though.
  8. In that case, since the personal section is not scored, how would you recommend structuring the EC descriptions?
  9. I appreciate you guys replying! Yes, that was what I was thinking of doing (keeping the EC descriptions mostly "hard evidence" and adding a soft lessons if I have space) but I've just been so worried about it because alot of the advice I've heard (mostly from UofC students since I go to school here) is to be as reflective/vulnerable as possible on med apps. It got me waitlisted at Calgary, so I don't think it was necessary bad advice (wont be eligible at Alberta til this cycle) but I was nervous about accomplishing this to the same extent on the UofA app. So in terms of the EC descriptio
  10. Hi everyone, I'm jumping the gun a bit as I know the current cycle isn't finished, but I've been thinking about the upcoming application cycle (lots of idle time!) and been struggling with the UofA application. I've never applied at UofA, but from what I remember from friends who have applied, the character limits are extremely short (350 characters?). How did you best utilize that space? Did you list your largest accomplishments resume style, or take a more reflective approach? I presume UofA has a preferred style/things they look for on the application, and I am unsure whether focusing
  11. Congrats everyone! According to his blog post, "this will represent the largest move on the waitlist", so hopefully we hear some more good news from others too!
  12. Seems like it won't be today (or simply no one here was accepted)? Seems odd considering he mentioned May 26th specifically, but I guess he said that a while ago.
  13. I'll probably hold my breath til 5pm and then relax for the day
  14. To add on, I actually think our numbers are pretty good? Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I think we should stay positive! I went pretty far back on the blog a few days ago when those numbers came out, and 2018, they had 102 ppl who accepted and 80 pending 2 weeks after offers were sent. It's been pretty consistent that over 80 ppl will accept their offers a week out probably for the reasons zxcccxz mentioned (way back in 2014, they had 88 ppl who accepted by May 19th) so our odds don't actually feel too bad to me. This is obviously just me speculating though.
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