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  1. I’m simply saying that you’re underplaying the net worth difference between pursuing medicine versus staying as a PA. The math does not add up to equal net worth, I think honestly you might be privileged to say that 3 million dollars is not something worth considering when it’s generational wealth and something most people would want to ensure a better future for their family. Everything else I completely agree with, you should be considering the opportunity cost as well as the time plus stress from pursuing this. It’s so important to be passionate about medicine although if they’r
  2. I think you're really underplaying the difference between a 85000 and 150000 after tax income. That's almost a double increase! The biggest factor would the better ability to save and having more disposable income. If you assume that the FM physician has the same lifestyle as the PA and lives on 85000 dollars a yr, that means they are able to save 65000 dollars a year! Taking that and investing 65000 dollars a year in a broad index fund and assuming around historical 6% percent return, you would end up with a 5.5million dollar portfolio after 30 years. It would vastly outweigh the pension
  3. Imma be honest. If you don't feel comfortable even using questrade to do a simple etf trade then I think you're not ready to use leverage to invest. The behavioral risk with staying disciplined would still exist with wealthsimple if you decide to withdraw during a market downturn. It does seem like a great time to borrow to invest however with the real cost of interest nearing zero so if you have a long time horizon of 10+ yrs then just leave your tfsa in an index fund and never touch it again.
  4. Why don't you choose something like questrade and investing in XEQT in 100% equity instead of wealthsimple. It'll be almost as simple and plus it'll save you quite a bit of fees.
  5. what exactly are you looking to do with buying a condo? If it is for investment purposes then buying a condo to live in is not a very good financial decision. Look up online the rent vs buy argument and the 5% rule.
  6. I am planning to do this as well! Definitely make a thread for this. I don't know how willing people will be to share financial information on facebook groups.
  7. Was your time stamp similar to the other reply? Idk if they’re doing rolling offers throughout the day.
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